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Reynolds Middle School

Home Field

2145 Yardville - Hamilton Square Road

Hamilton Twp., NJ  08690


Note:  the field is to the rear of the school property, towards the right side.

The directions are as follows:
1.  Take Route 295 North to Exit 60 [follow signs for SHORE POINTS].
2.  At Exit 60, follow signs for SHORE POINTS until you reach Exit 2.
3.  At Exit 2, bear to the left [you will eventually see a Shell Station as you exit].

4.  After you have continued to the left, you will see signs for Rt. 295 and Rt. 195,

 proceed until you reach the onramp for Rt. 195 [east]; the Route 195 onramp is at a traffic light.

5.  Take Route 195 East until you reach the exit for Yardville Hamilton Square Road

 (Exit 3B).  Take exit.

6.  Continue approximately 1 - 1.5 miles.  You will see Steinert High School on the left

 and immediately following that you will see Reynolds Middle School. 

Go to the last driveway entrance.