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Crockett Middle School

Home Field

2631 Kuser Road

Hamilton Twp., NJ  08691


Note:  the field is at the end of the parking lot, towards the far right side.

The directions are as follows:
1.  Take Route 295 North to Exit 60 [follow signs for SHORE POINTS].
2.  At Exit 60, follow signs for SHORE POINTS until you reach Exit 2.
3.  At Exit 2, bear to the left [you will eventually see a Shell Station as you exit].
4.  After you have continued to the left, you will see signs for Rt. 295 and Rt. 195,
 proceed until you reach the onramp for Rt. 195 [east]; the Route 195 onramp is at a traffic light.
5.  Take Route 195 East until you reach the exit for Yardville Hamilton Square Road
 (Exit 3B).  Take exit.
6.  Continue approximately 1 mile.  Turn right at traffic light onto Klockner Road 
(you will see Steinert High School on the 
far left corner before making left).
7.  At next traffic light turn left onto Kuser Road.  You will see Crockett Middle School

 on the right side.  Proceed to the last driveway of the parking lot.